The Highlands in April – paradise.

20130402_121254A clump of teenagers – a crowd of so-called adults and more dogs than you can shake a stick at.  Spaniels, mongrels, Labradors, a mini schnauzer, when you head up to the wild north west you come prepared for all weathers but mainly wet  windy and cold. The joy that coarses through the veins when you realise that everything points to be it being a week of endless blue skies is nothing short of joyful.   With the warm sun on the winter blue faces of the assembled Scots we agreed  there is no better place in the world.

So remarkably a wild week in the highlands turned into a tropical break complete with forest fire.  Cue the Lloyd Cole song. Actually I haven’t heard it for years and as we stood in the pitch inky darkness of the North of Scotland looking west I found myself humming it as all we could see was licking flames leaping into the sky as the mountain top turned orange. What a sight.  Wow.


By morning thank goodness the fires had died down so we relaxed and went for an eye boggling stomp up a hill. I felt like David Attenborough – yes an 80 year old man and frankly I looked like one too but I digress, dear dear David would have had something to say about the abundance of wildlife we saw. It honestly rendered us speechless. This does not happen often.  Eagles, deer, hares, stoats, sheep, highland coos, pine martin, pheasant, rabbits, a lizard and birds of all shapes and sizes amongst other spectacular animal that we clocked made for a wonderful break in the NW of Scotland.

You may also detect I have discovered the panoramic setting on the camera – even that doesn’t do justice to the jaw dropping scenery but it’s a start.

Much more Highland nonsense to come but for now……my Wester Ross appetite is gigantic and I must feed the tummy or it will think the throat has been cut…..hasta mañana



Stags, rib of beef, Yorkshire puds & The Perfect Storm – Day 3


Woke up this morning in the NW of Scotland, the highlands to this sight. A stag. A great Monarch of The Glen right outside our bedroom window. as soon as it saw me it was like a shot – well I was naked and had no make-up on so can you blame it. Still I managed to get  a quick snap before it louped over the fence and away.

As I lay there contemplating what an amazing place Scotland is – yes it is! – my mind tailed back to last nights meal. Lordy. Are you ready for this.

Roast rib of beef.  Locally sourced from the west, and roasted to perfect.  Along with celeriac – look like an extra from Dr Who, and look at the yorkshire puds. Wahay!

Beef ready for a roastin' mamaRoasty toastie!Roasty toastie!


Yorkshire pudding! What a beezer.


Roasty toastie!UFO UFO? No celeriac.


For pud we had ice cream, meringues and raspeberrys before an enthusiastic game of ping pong and then face down. When we awok this morning it was to this news. News of The Perfect Storm…..a real one, coming our way. Yup the west is to be deluged with rain, wind and stormy nasties. So more food then. And fires. And jigsaws and ping pong and cards.

Does this mean finally George Clooney will manifest himself in my life ni a cable knit jumper with a captains hat on his head and a twinkle in his eye? Well as we batton down the hatches. I live, as ever, in hope, with camera in hand and optimisim in my heart.

Wild salmon caught on the River Carron – what a beauty! I thank you.

Yup ! It’s real. I caught my first salmon ever when up North West last week. A five pound beauty. Bob Kindness is the guy who is looking after the fish conservation up there and the results speak for themselves. The man is a genius. The fish are plentiful and if caught get put in a keep net until they are tagged then they are let loose to swim again. Wonderful place. Beautiful weather and fun was had by all.  Especially me winding the guys up who hadn’t been so lucky. Sorry I mean talented. No I do mean lucky.  So yet again the staycation has it’s joys. Next to gigantor – my fish – you see David’s tiddler which was caught on the loch and rapidly put back – it’s titchy!  Not that I went on about that for any more than 5 or 6 hours. A day. Since.

Ho hum.

The view from the boat over to Skye from the Loch was outstandingly gorgeous as you can see here as I try my hand at Ansell Adams style photography.

Speed bonnie boat like a bird on the wing over the sea to Skye......

A close up of the lucky fish - well unlucky fish I suppose

Friday afternoon Guffaw with a kilted lunatic – a real belter!

There are so many appalling Scots accents delivered by every other nation in the world but this one really takes the biscuit. His delivery of the word ‘ninny’ has to go down in history as the most ridiculous use of the word in the history of the world. If you are in a busy office beware there is a Guffaw moment only seconds in.

Ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho
It maybe the hangover but I think this is priceless. The geezer must be barking and you’ve got to admire that!