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Italian Students interfere with Arthur’s Seat

9 March 2010

 On a day like today the views at the  top of Arthur’s Seat  were remarkable! Specifically this one? Not only did they gub us at rugby but clearly they’re not finished with us yet. Those of a delicate disposition look away – students eh? After the event – if you can call it that, we stood […]

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Hello! Today is the day to meet Teenwolf and the Mongrels !

6 March 2010

Living with Teenwolf – a joy for a mother to behold. I’ve written about him so many times I felt it was time to share a peek at the reality. Put it this way Kevin the teenager is no longer a comedy it is a documentary of our life. Proof is in this pudding. Then […]

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Cheryl & Ashley Cole

21 February 2010

Aye so allegedly he has been at it again.  Let’s hope she dumps the rotter once and for all but only after telling the world he is hung like a pencil. And what about the slappers who go out of their way to find him, bed him and sell their stories. Hardly part of the sisterhood are […]

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Eyes like road maps.

20 February 2010

Yes there was drink involved. Well what do you do when an old pal turns up from far far away and wants to go out on the lash. ‘No no I can’t I have to sit in and try and remember when I last detected tone in my thighs’ Aye right. So off we went […]

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