Face Cream that really works? Be still my beating heart.

This woman is 67. I'm lying but read on...
This woman is 67. I’m lying but read on…

The trauma of the mirror continues to horrify on a regular basis. Inside I feel 18 and exterior wise – the swags and tails that used to adorn curtains in the 80’s have moved into my face. Dear God. It is now clear the image of the original gargoyle must have been based on an Aberdonian woman in her 50’s.  So I am at the stage where you will consider anything to fight the ravages of time. Well within reason. So earlier this year I adopted a new regime – a product called Environ.

The guy who developed it is a plastic surgeon from South Africa who noticed when he applied the cream to people recovering from surgery that their skin seemed to improve and rejuvenate. Well I didn’t need to hear that more than once – slap it on! In fact hell I will eat it if it works.


We  do love a before and after and so here it is…..


There are an array of different creams you start at Level 1 and as your skin becomes hardened (not the best word in these circumstances – lets go with accustomed) to the Vitamin A in the cream you can gradually increase the potency. ?I am now a good few months down the line withit and I swear my skin is better. Really.

I am not getting sponsored, paid or encouraged to write this but as a 50 something woman its nice to find something that seems to improve things without the aid of a knife, an anaesthetic or a balaclava.

Its nae cheap but then neither is buying every other cream every other day and slapping it on with no continuity. One set of the stuff kept me going for 4 months so it may seem dear but its an investment I am happy to make.

Every good facial involves gunge. Environ is no exception.
Every good facial involves gunge. Environ is no exception.

In addition you can indulge in anEnviron facial – the photo of which is me in full Hannibal Lecter mask – it just adds to the overall treatment and frankly afterwards I felt fresh as a daisy. I still haven’t been ID’d in the local as being potentially underage but I live in hope.

Just thought I’d share the chat – feel free to ignore it!

You do need to find a facialist who stocks Environ – in Edinburgh there are a few – Claires in Edinburgh is who puts up with me –  she is great at what she does so when you are lying around looking like a nitwit fun I do like a laugh.

This article is all about the Dr who developed it  – have a read if you fancy.

Beware you are unlikely to get a lumber wearing this.
Beware you are unlikely to get a lumber wearing this.

Get rich by buying the right domain name?

images-1I buy domain names thinking I will eventually buy one which will bring me riches beyond my wildest dreams. Or at least make me enough cash for a couple of bottles of wine and a packet of pork scratchings, which actually aren’t that easy to get round these parts, the pork scratchings that is not the wine.

Anyway, I digress…. I can state categorically the dozens of domain names I have snapped up over the years means I get renewal notices every couple of months. My latest renewals are for www.beautyproductadvisor.com and www.beautyproductadvisor.co.uk The renewal email arrived today. So should they stay or should they go…as Joe Strummer once asked?

Well about a year ago whilst browsing some unknown potions and creams in the high street to slap on my face to make me look 21 I realised I had no idea which one to buy.  Each orange woman behind each counter cajoled me into believing their chat. But sales people are sales people and on commission so as I stood there gazing vacantly at the bottles and tubs of stuff *ping*  Went my dunderhead.  “I know! Why don’t I start a sort of Trip Advisor for beauty products? A sort of Zit Advisor. So I bought  BeautyAproductadvisor.com and co;uk. And I did because I ignored the voice in my head saying Noooooooo stop Alison stop you fool!

Of course I buy them instantly because stupidly my credit card is registered on the site so its just a quick click of a button. So exactly 12 months later or 24 if I have been totally convinced a domain is a mega money making idea and bought it for 2 years, I get a reminder “your domain name is about to expire”. Usually I have forgotten I have bought it in the first place which may say more about the state of my diminishing IQ than anything else. So I let most of them go as I have absolutely no idea what to do with them anyway.

However, if you ever do that then this will be of interest You can put in any domain name here and have it valued. Quite interesting. Potentially lucrative Unless you’re me obviously. Anyway I will leave it with you and your .com Hope you have better luck on your quest for riches. So there’s the portal to your future windfall – I hope – …VALUE MY DOMAIN NAME

Ah well off for a google.

Alison x