Fit Flop Fever – don’t despair there is salvation for the winter foot.

You see these legs? They are nothing like mine. Not one jot. Och well.

My Fit Flops have lived on my size 6 Aberdonian feet so consistently I think they may actually be grafted on. Yup those squishy thick soled flip flops which purport to tone up your bum and legs have taken the world by storm but on a more personal note I have not worn anything else since about May. Since I bought them. Last week when

On the road to the Isles…..with a virus.

Imagine getting up this nose - not very pleasant.

On the road for another week – round Scotland – with a boot full of wine, a laptop and an optimistic eye. I will be blogging daily if you’d like to  follow the trail of nonsense here . But before I go If alisonsdiary has sent you an e mail trying to flog viagra, lend you money or other such nonsense I can only apologise.

At last the secret of the perfect body!

There I go

I am fed up of reading how fabulous walking is for you.I have been walking since I was 15 months old and I still have a big bum. It’s nonsense. Next on the list for  all over toning and making you look 25,  is swimming. I swam last year on holiday a few times and when I came home was so convinced that I was transforming into a dophin that

Death on The Shagpile by Agatha Crusty.

The lights are on and nobodys even popped in frankly.

Death by chocolate. May prove factual and not just the name of a pudding. Not for me, though I have packed it in, but for the concussed dog Flora. Half dog half womble aka Flora has been left out of recent adventures due to the fact she knocked herself out on the side of the bed the other night. Instead of jumping up onto it

Calorific Catastrophe all in the name of Jesus.

Cereal cheese

There is a time of year in this God forsaken country when all I can think about is food. All year. 365 days a year. Before I open my eyes in the morning I think….mmmmn what can I have? It’s why I  get up – to slug coffee down my throat and toy with the possibilities. 1. Cereal – Get Thee Behind Me Satan. 2.

Ondine – Seafood and Eat it now.

The restaurant not that new film with Colin Farrell.

  If you love seafood you will love Ondine.  Adjacent to Edinburgh’s Missoni Hotel on George IV Bridge, proprietor and chef Roy Brett opened this little gem in September 2009.  Roy  already had a huge reputation as Rick Steins right hand man and he was the man at the helm of the award winning  Restaurant at Dakota. So now he  is doing it for himself and how.  This man is passionate about his

I’m just a teenage dirtbag baby – no really!

Grotty Jeans 2010 style

  Yesterday afternoon we ended up at a party with a cast of dozens from a 6 month old baby to a 79 year old but the most prevalent group were the teenwolves  patrolling the premises, hands jammed into pockets, perusing the scene picking off the sausage rolls and cans of Irn Bru and surrepticiously eyeing up the lager.  The highlight of any mixed gathering

Italian Students interfere with Arthur’s Seat

Outside about to rush in stuff faces. Hola.

 On a day like today the views at the  top of Arthur’s Seat  were remarkable! Specifically this one? Not only did they gub us at rugby but clearly they’re not finished with us yet. Those of a delicate disposition look away – students eh? After the event – if you can call it that, we stood and admired the panoramic views the realised we were STARVING

Friday afternoon Guffaw with a kilted lunatic – a real belter!

There are so many appalling Scots accents delivered by every other nation in the world but this one really takes the biscuit. His delivery of the word ‘ninny’ has to go down in history as the most ridiculous use of the word in the history of the world. If you are in a busy office beware there is a Guffaw moment only seconds in. Ho