Great British Painting Challenge.


Love it.

The judges are harsh but honest.

The presenter – Richard Bacon – has it really taken this long to forgive his early misdemeanour and invite him onto National TV?  Bright, intelligent and great to have back on our screens.  (I miss his Radio 5 live show so much I can’t listen to the station anymore)– but ….and this the point Una Stubbs?
She is a sassy, great looking woman so what on earth is going on? Unknown-1

She looks as if she has meandered from Call The Midwifes set? Tiny wee woman, swathed in hospital blue, large blouson long engulfing smock. Tiny tiny feet – can they really keep her upright those alleged real feet poking out from the hem of the voluminous tent?   Add to that, the cartoon round glasses and big owl like magnified eyes.

Gas and air.

With the top toeing and whispering going on I will need an epidural to watch the rest of the series…..