I’d have skelped the lot of them.

Whatever the heck happened to common decency?

A story report today of a 40 year old woman who was heavily pregnant being made to sit on a floor of a train because no-one offered to give up their seat for her.

I was brought up to vacate my seat if an elderly or infirm person got on the bus.I would have thought it goes without saying that if you are a fit healthy person sitting on your backside when someone who is not , gets on you should spring up like a gazelle give them your seat.

It is frightening how disconnected people are becoming from one another. Staring at phones, laptops, texting, wordless slack jawed zombies just letting it all happen around them disengaged completely.

We are called the human race after all. Not Animal Farm. Maybe is they were made to do this for 24 hours a day as a punishment they would think again. Shit job of the year. Photo from : www.stomp.com.sg


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    you are right alison how are you doing is teenwolf behAVING HOW OLD IS HE NOW 18 BY THE WAY THERE IS AOLD 6MINUTE OLD SHOW OF YOURS FROM RADIO FORTH RFM On aircheckdownloads.com and jingles from january 1990 click on their facebook page.martin forbes