Galaxy Note 2 is it a phone ?

Still cant use my new phone as a phone but the camera is great and I have


I have just downloaded a wordpress app so maybe blogging gets easier + more reactive’

My rusty not very trusty BlackBerry, and loved Apple Air book might well get the bums rush as this new Galaxy Note 2 lets me write with a pen +recognises + translates the scrawl as words on the screen.

The camera is fab here’s some examples here……yes below is an Alisons Diary first-a picture of a cat which was dashing + whirling  about so the fact its in focus has nothing to do with my skill as a photographer + everything to do with the built-in eejit -proof camera, which I love, so lets redress the balance before you meet token cat here’s a photo of Sunday dog lounging. Yes she has a tiger her on head and you will note a smile on her face. Simple but happy.



And now over to the auld enemy. The cat.

This isn’t any old cat this is Reggie Kray with his twin brother Ronnie in the background breaking into my jacket pocket. Renamed by my friend Sarah recently as since arriving as powder puff kittens they have grown super cheeky + been terrorising their new home. Just as well they’re cute ! Look into his eyes yes Cats could rule the world but happily for us it seems they just can’t be bothered its’ well beneath them + their capabilities.

Well 1st blog from the Galaxy done.
Now…….have a good day!