Dogs, spikes, rugby players and snow. Here we go again….

Oh no

The snow is a comin’.

All spiky stretchy rubbery shoe coverers have been released from their packaging. So we are clenched and ready now in fact  I would go so far as to say prepared but that would be pushing it a bit.


Hello!! Over here!!

Two years ago in November it took a crowd of us 2 days to get back from Ballater to Edinburgh – normally 3 hours top.  It coincided with the Scotland rugby team playing in Pittodrie in Aberdeen against Tonga I think (yes less said about Tonga the better) anyway, as we sat up to our exhaust pipe in snow wrapping up and getting set to stay on the motorway for the night suddenly out of the whirling freeze came a vision of vast muscly men hoving into view.  My friend Fiona and I looked at each other thinking we had snow blindness and it must be an optical illusion. Then we watched as they walked confidently up to various cars and lifted them up to place them back on the only open lane on the motorway from where they had slid. With a flush of excitement we realised it was the Scottish rugby team, off their tour bus and helping in a strongest man in the world way to get everyone  going and heading home.  Sadly it was my husband behind the wheel or I suspect Fiona and I would have deliberately wheeched the car off the side of the road just to have the thrill of some of those lads picking us and our car up and placing it back where it needed to be. The fact we would have been giggling, taking photos and winding down the windows to have a closer look at these men mountains might have put them off, they may have dropped the car,  perhaps on to one of their feet and the course of Scottish rugby may have changed forever.  Ah well……we can but dream.

Wateerproof dog loves it of course

Off for my thermal, 6 layer, wrap up with , huge hairy hat, stabbed shoe spikers and gloves.  The dog is gaggin to go out  as you can see – quite at home in the snow – very Olga Corbett for an aged labrador – so wish me luck. Pip pip.