Rash dieting promise starts here…..

Aargh alien blue ball type things.

I regret deeply not just eating these the whole time.
The impending feeling of liver doom that awakes me in the morning after a couple of weeks of festive nonsense have forced me into the unenviable position of giving up the bev til February 14th.
There are many reasons for this.
Mainly my fat tummy.
3 scoops of Mackies vanilla with a slug of Baillies is not on the low fat blueberry eaters diet so therefore as of now it’s not on mine.
I am looking for sponsorship
‘You mean someone would sponsor you to have your mouth sewn up?’ said the rather sceptical husband.
‘I’ll do it!’ piped up the usually monosyllabic teen wolf.

‘What sponsor me?’
‘No sew your mouth up’.
*Raspberry* ‘ I will seek support amongst those in life who truly understand me’ I said
‘Dynamite’ they said in unison.
I closed the door firmly and texted her.
I shall report back.

  • Och Ernie….it’s the New Year flump…we all have one. In fact I am one.

  • So that was her with Fats Domino … a lovely couple. It certainly makes the whole blueberry a more attractive proposition.

  • Scotch Git


    Loretta found her thrill on Blueberry Hill

  • martin forbes

    happy new year alison hope you had agood xmas and new year.mine was nice and quiet martin forbes

  • Ernieeast

    yer nitpikin catriona xx

  • Alison

    Message received and understood. Happy New Year. With  very best wishes ‘The Tube’

  • Catriona

    “Usually” monosyllabic – nothing unusual about “Teen Wolf’s” response. “I’ll do it” is monosyllabic. Think you should look up the meaning of the words before you use them Alison, otherwise you just end up looking like a tube….