Groupon – Group off!

Anyone fancy setting up an anti-Groupon movement?

Group off.

It seems the more we find out about the operating system of this company the more they seem determined to pick on the small-medium size business and force them into discounting so heavily that they often make a loss. Really.

They then take 50% of whatever the profit no matter how small is.

They are bottom feeders.

Feeding off the free enterprise and creative energy that someone else has applied in order to start their business.

Nobody likes a vulture.

Allegedly this was the meeting that ended up in the formation of Groupon. As you can see vultures – the lot of them.





  • this is really sweet. I think a lot of people in the blogging community (including myself!) really look up to you. I’m always checking out your blog help posts and such to answer some questions I may have. Thanks for everything 🙂

  • Hi John, I sent you a long email to your personal account as it was quite in depth ..thanks for your response.

  • Thanks for the response.
    To be hoenst I am not a fan of any of these discount set-ups they are just piggy backing onto someone elses hard graft. You don’t say what sort of business it is you are in. There are so many clever ways to market yourself nowadays but it really does depend on what area you are in both geographically and businesswise. My instinct is to steer clear of these things they undervalue your product/service and ultimately they will put people out of business thus leaving the consumer/cusomter with less choice in the long run. I would be happy to give you the benefit of my ignorance for what it’s worth if you give me an idea of what it is you do. Cheers!

  • Johnpearson

    Great post.
    I had a deal on with them a few months ago believing it would bring some new customers to my site.
    Ended up losing lots of money what with the 50% discount and the 50% commission on top though did receive a few new customers from the deal.
    It’s a shame that they exploit businesses so much as it could be quite a good method for small businesses such as myself to gain new customers.
    Also most of the other coupon sites don’t seem to be much better.
    The only site that i’ve seen that might work hardly has any sellers on at the moment.
    They claim to allow merchants to put whatever discount they want on and allow you to upload your deal like on ebay.
    They take 20%, still quite high but an improvement over the rest.
    Have you had any dealings with them as i am unsure if I can trust them  with them being so small.
    Their address is
    Kind regards.