Weekend Survival Technique Edinburgh Festival

As predicted two weddings and some great pals staying for the weekend meant a slow start to Sunday.

Wedding one one Friday was a civil ceremony which was a delight and as the crowd gathered for a celebration the best wee piper I have heard in years took the floor. Then the barbeque fired up and the production of  barbequed Scottish lobster and rare roast beef with salads from heaven was frankly a life saver as the lethal cocktails we were gargling down needed something to absorb them. A French 75 -  champagne gin, lime juice and sugar. You can imagine.

After the usual array of appalling dancing we slipped off home. Plan of keep it quite a big day tomorrow went awry as our pals were hitting the high spots of the Edinburgh Festival and were indulging in a Thai meal. Barr feeding myself like a Periogrd goose there was non way I could or drink another thing so as I lay prone on the sofa the long suffering husband went out.

The following morning suffice to say I was glad I had resisted as he was a little quiet aka struck dumb. Ramping up for another wedding, the slap was duly slapped on, the friends were collected and off we went to Direlton Castle. A ruin in East Lothian – the prefect setting for a wonderful ceremony. It stayed dry. Were were in shock. Guzzling prosecco on the ramparts and then a London double decker bus (she married a lovely Londoner called Bill)  took us to the beach in North Berwick to continue the party. A happier couple I have never seen. Tear to a glass eye.

Glass eye? Well a red eye this morning. Muzzy head. Mouth stuck together. Unusual facial shape and awoken with the labrador poking a used sock in my face. Fragrant.

Being a shocking host we ran out of these bloomin’ Nespresso capsules so when we managed to get ourselves into a vertical position we shuffled into town for a coffee and as we meandered around found the Edinburgh International Book Festival at Charlotte Square. The best place to hang out from now until they take the tents down. Queuing for coffee we sat on deckchairs dislocated of mind and body. A joy. Watching the world going by, spotting literary glitterati and looking blank.

So…..after a walk with the dogs, a lie down in the garden in the sun, a text from Teenwolf to report they won their first match in South Africa in a township 27-24 all is well with the world.

Now it’s just my liver I have to worry about.

3 shows tomorrow at The Fringe and a list of the top ten must sees….until then………..