Sleepy, grumpy and baggy. Not 3 of Snow White’s friends. Me.

Insomnia. In. Somnia. A place. A half way house. A twilight world. A hell hole. Hello.

Have been here and got the baggy t shirt before. What to do?

Lavender. Exercise. Drink. Bath. No TV or internet. Deep breathing. Nytol.  Tried writing everything  in my head down in a long list on loo roll but went through a family pack of Andrex and by the time I had finished it was 7am so I had to get up and start the day like a baggy troll. New pillow, Paul McKenna CD which put everyone else in the house to sleep including the long suffering husband and the dogs but not little old (emphasis on old) me. Crunchy faced. Humpy backed. Grumpy mooded. What to do? A baseball bat across the bonce? It’s becoming a realistic possibility though I don’t think I can administer that myself and the queue that would form if I offered the possibility of legitimately walloping me to my friends would disturb the neighbours in surrounding streets. So the dog and I – she understands the problem – will lie there gazing at teach other in the half light. Me inventing the next 3 great products, starting a company or 2 and planning to travel the world by boat. The dog? Thinking of biscuits.

Doing Fringe and Festival tonight with the girls so tonight I will be both awake and entertained – a blessed relief.