The son has got his hat on – and not a lot else.

Artists impression of how it will look.....WOW...I will report back
The son has got his hat on and is going to a barbeque. Teenwolves love this kind of weather. An opportunity to laze round horizontally looking cool in next to nothing.
The mere whiff of sun cream makes them balk. So I expect a trip to A&E tomorrow with some of them will be on the cards.
The last barbeque someone organised there were 20 boys, 20 girls and a box of crisps. I don’t even think they were barbeque flavour. Ah well as he listens to his loud and tuneless music I will be in the rather delightful National Museum of Scotland as they are opening it tonight.

I am rather excited. Hopefully not to the extent that I will go there, gaze at the amazing new building then gatecrask teenwolfs barbeque.

I shall report back.

  • Good point. The two pre-opening bashes were to give a flavour but it was mobbed on Friday. Have you been yet?

  • Jennifer

    Yes, but doesn’t officially open to the public until Friday. Hence opening day as July 29. πŸ™‚

  • martin forbes

    hi alison fit like.
    Hope you managed to tune in to northsound2 or i vua listen live as today is northsounds 30th birthday today they did apecial9am to 10am which taped on tot ape for my own pleasure they spoke to damien mike cook bobby hain graeme mereladn nicky campbell old northsound stuff on facebook via northsoun1 click home page northsound 1 click facebook.
    Martin forbes.
    Hoep you are well.

  • Jennifer

    The museum doesn’t officially open until Friday πŸ™‚