Fat Cat Centrica announce £1.3billion 1/2 Year Profit & they are hiking our bills by 20% !

fat cat


Don’t usually get on my high horse. But today I am towering over the world on the highest of all horses.

Centrica the parent company of British Gas have just announced 1.3 Billion pounds profit for the first half of the year. HALF OF THE YEAR


With that knowledge they announced on the 9th of this month they are hiking our energy prices by about 20%!

The boss of British gas was quoted at the time ‘Putting up prices is the last thing we want to do in these hard times.’ You can read the rest of the patronising article here.

Now who exactly are the hard times for?

Not them apparently.

The question is simply this.

How can we let them get away with it?

If we organise a petition. I was going to say Facebook but there are millions of people not on Facebook….could we prove if enough people signed it that the UK would riot if they go ahead?
Wouldn’t it be wonderful to read a statement from Centrica later today that read as follows:

‘Due to our healthy profits and sustained growth, energy bills for our customers will not only return to their previous level  but will be reduced  by a further 20%. In these times of austerity and in order to demonstrate, despite being a private company, we are not heartless capitalists we feel it is important not to put more pressure on the economy by pushing our customers to breaking point. After all we are all in this together’.

As a private company I understand  there only aim is to return as much profit to their investors as possible. But when they have us literally and metaphorically over a barrel (of oil) can the Government not intervene and give them a slap.

Personally sitting heating myself by a roaring candle, wrapped in thermals from head to toe  this winter does not fill me with joy. Especially when these fat cats will be swanning about with Cuban Cigars, on tropical islands living like James Bond as we slug Brooke Bond to stave off the chill.


  • Philalcorn


    Her Majesty’s Government is part of the problem. Two words;


    What percentage of the increase in energy prices is being siphoned off to H.M.G.?

    We don’t know. H.M.G. won’t tell us. But they will feign outrage.