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On BBC Radio Scotland all week presenting Get It On from 6-8 pm every night.

It’s a great show to do.

We decide on a theme and then you pick the music.

Tonight’s show is all about gigs.

Your best gig.
The most memorable moment.

Best small venue

Most surprising


Which is all just a great excuse for you get to your ultimate favourite music played on your national radio station.


I am really looking forward to it.

So please join me all this week 6-8pm BBC Scotland


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Suggestions for tracks with your stories too please to:


Text : 80295

Call 0500 929500

E-mail getiton@bbc.co.uk.

  • Arxhgos100

    Super  100%  oassis  night’……..Hi Alisosn…..extra  festival-/looook’  herre  friends  the  getting-Up’..of  Glasgow-Apollon…kill the  king…loook’..100%

  • Marion Anderson

    Hi Alison, Rolling Stones, Capitol Theatre, Aberdeen, May 1982. Got the tickets because I bunked off lectures at uni to go into town and get a birthday present for my mum. My filial devotion was rewarded when I spotted a long queue forming on Union Street following the surprise announcement of the concert on independent radio. Slipped in neatly beside my good mate Dave (Hairo) Stewart and bagged myself two tickets. Fantastic night – Jagger was amazingly energetic and even made it up onto the balcony to the delight of the fans up there. Never mind ‘Gimme Shelter’ gimme ‘Brown Sugar’ please! Cheers, Marion Anderson 

  • Stuart

    Well….if tonight is memorable gigs, there are a few (all at the old Glasgow Apollo). Lynyrd Skynyrd’s last gig (how about ‘Gimme Three Steps’?); Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow (classic line-up) (‘Kill the King’?); Elton John (jumping balcony) (‘Saturday Night’s Alright etc etc’); BeBop Deluxe (‘Orphans of babylon’) and Joan Armatrading (suggest ‘Cool Blue (Stole My Heart) as it’s a fabulous and not-much-played song). That’ll do I think !!”