Mourning for The Daily Record & Sunday Mail


My Dad & me. Scots. We deserve a national paper.

Gutted to read about The Sunday Mail and Daily Record cutting editorial staff by 90.


The feeling of knowing the axe man cometh is hard. I know I was there. It happened to me last year.


It becomes part of your identity working for a big newspaper like that. It is like a family and then all of a sudden you’re NFI.


The thing that really disturbs me about this is that the content they are now going to be sourcing will mainly come from their southern based titles which defeats the purpose all together.


The Daily Record is as Scottish as neeps, tattties and pint and a nip. It was unique in the market place.


It is part of our media culture.


When I was abroad I would seek it out to assuage any homesickness as you could count on it being relevant, local and a piece of home.


I understand that the delivery of newspapers in the traditional sense is ebbing away. The world of internet, Ipad and electronic media has changed the world.

But this centralisation of news gathering and printing takes away from our Scottish identity and as a cost cutting exercise like your local traders on the high street we are being swallowed up and cancelled out by the multi-national big boys.


It is hard to know where the role of traditional newspaper are going.  But I know one thing for sure for The Daily Record & Sunday Mail it isn’t England.


We need a national newspaper in Scotland.


We need The Daily Record & Sunday Mail.


Love it or hate it is as much a part of me as my big bum and mood swings.

  • Jacqui

    they’re going to have one less household buying it now – read about it and its just totally naff!!! who wants to read stuff thats just got no connection with where you live.  sunday mail to me was nipping round to the wee shop first thing in the morning, then spending the rest of it reading all the news and attempting the crossword… great way to spend a morning with a hangover!