Protein Shakes make you a macho giant. DRINK ME.


Protein shakes. Teenage boys love ‘em. They collect their pocket money together swing into Holland Barrett – it bills itself as a health food  shop so if they sell it  it must be good for you. Here the young guys part with their cash to purchase powder to mix with water to gulp down to turn them  into Quade Cooper – or which ever sporting hero they are particularly keen on.

We have had a stramash in our house over this. The first time a giant white plastic container arrived it was a gentle protein muscle builder. I wasn’t happy about it but it was his money and it seemed fairly innocuous whey powder. Yuk. When he tasted it he wasn’t impressed so it fizzled out.

Then yesterday he came home, ran  upstairs with his friend and a paper bag which put my level of suspicion to high. On asking one reluctant Teenwolf what it was, it seems he has graduated to  a red  tub which he reluctantly showed me so I could have a good look at the ingredients.  This is what they are.

Dextrose. HPLC Pure Creatine Monohydrate, Taurine, Disodium Phosphate, Trimagnesium Phosphate, Monopotassium phosphate, citric acid, Grapeskin exatract, aspartame, starch flavouring, malodextrin, Butylated hydroxytoulene.  100g contains 301 cals. Each scoop 130 cal – 32.3 cab, 32.1 fat – might as well be in heiroglyphics. So …

I googled  it. And the first god knows of the 14,800,000 results  are all PR for the product from the manufacturer or distributors various. So what the hell is this stuff? How does it effect our kids? What are the longterm effects on kids or adults for that matter?

As girls want to get tall, slender and have bodies like The Saturdays – boys want to develop muscles , be tall, broad and built like a brick outhouse.  Teenwolf’s  particular passion is rugby . And professional rugby players generally tend to be monstrous these days.. Big, beefy, machines.

Dave is 6ft I am 5 6 1/2” we are not going to breed an official giant but a giant is what he wants to be. So he eats well, and tons of it too, he exercises a lot, training, running, playing but at what point do you interfere with what nature is doing. My, perhaps naive attitude is if you eat a well balanced diet then why stuff all this artificially created rubbish down your throat. As a Mum I can’t turn a blind eye to the great red plastic tub (red danger red danger) and the fact that it is hidden in the bottom of the wardrobe you know there has to be reason.

On reading the label it appears it is not to be taken by people  under 18 – so Holland And Barrat should be asking for ID should they? Well they wouldn’t sell them beer or cigarettes so why should they sell this shit?

So what would you do?
What do you do?

Answers on a postcard please. Actually postcards not required just leave a comment here…please…

  • It might be worth posting your diet and training program on here as well as it might help give a slightly better answer as to what you need/don’t need. 

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  • Thanks I will make my son read these responses….when you put it like that 700g of dextrose sugar per 900g – YUK!. Makes me sick to the pit of my stomach.

  • Ivanisevic

    Do you realize that this stuff is 700g of dextrose sugar per 900g tub? This stuff is a very, very low quality “creatine” supplement as there’s hardly CM in there at all. I buy my Creatine monohydrate for around £10 for the kilo. Pure creatine, without any useless carbs, fat, sodium, E numbers etc so therefore I’m getting a better product for a fifth of the price your son is getting his product, which is a far lower quality.

    I’d advise your son to educate himself on bodybuilding and nutrition before he wastes his time and money.

  • Nomorechocolate

    Unfortunately, the Watchdog season finished a couple of weeks ago.

  • Peter you’re absolutely right The Sunday Mail have picked up on it and there is giong to be a piece about this blog post and some Dr’s feedback too. Am looking forward to reading what the Medics say.

  • Terrifying that aspartame stuff………..yeuch

  • Trace

    aspartame is the devils invention ….  moves to ban it from soft drinks are afoot and it its side effects are well documented . Taurine i think you find in red bull so i assume it is a stimulant of some description ….    Yikes !  

  • Petergarland007

    I feel your anxiety. However, despite all the health problems associated with smoking, some kids still do it. Primarily to show the world that nobody tells them what to do. I would probably lie and say that a Doctor told you one of the ingredients shrinks his manhood.

  • Alisons Diary

    Now that really is terrifying Alison thanks for letting me know……..the aspartame thing .what a horror! Seems this is gathering momentum – more news coming….

  • Alison

    I think aspartame is banned in America as it causes throat cancer. It is an artificial sweetener and is in loads of  diet versions of various fizzy drinks too.

  • Alison

    Ann Robinson – good call. She doesn’t need protein shakes and she is a scary beastie. May well do just that. THANKS!  @alisonsdiary:twitter

  • Jacqui

    if theres an age restriction you gotta wonder wot the hell its being sold in H & B!!!  its all a con but unfortunately kids fall for the hype – reckon a call to Anne Robinson @ watchdog wouldnt go a miss!