Lest we forget – Guffaw

I couldn’t resist it. Really. Just look.
All the advice and cash and this is the result.
If there is a style gene in the human DNA string it is missing presumed dead and gawn.


The one on the right looks like a petrol pump. if she stands still long enough someone will lift that curly majig off her head and try to fit the nozzle in the petrol tank of their car.
The one on the left……..well……….really being sued for defamation is not on my list of ideal past times so for once I will refrain .Oh bugger it no I won’t the BOAC (circa 72) air hostess hat, the explosion in a Vera Duckworth paint shop top and the skirt. Also is it just me – not known for my fashion sense – but is she not wearing her sisters shoes.

  • Mingi it is – Oxford English Dictionary will be listing it 2012

  • Iritchie

    made it to Krabi….just met a minger….so we can cancel that….mingi?

  • Tee hee.. My money is on Mingers though mingi is so much more appropriate in this unfortunate case.

  • freakstar

    is the plural of minger, mingers or mingi?

  • What I loved most about these two is that their hats didn’t fit in the car, and they both had to sit awkwardly forward because of the stupid hats. Did they not plan car travel when they purchased those things. On the plus it certainly got them newspaper coverage.

  • I am still snorting uncontrollably when I remember them – which is not ideal in the queue at the supermarket but who cares laugh and the world laughs with you, cry and you cry alone. (thanks to the old crone who taught me that )

  • I seriously laughed when I first saw them.