Dip in – bliss out.

Imagine this with less clothes & less facial hair (just) = Our picnic.

Yeh yeh I know crisps and dips aren’t top of the health freaks list of things to eat. But let me tell you lady, as  if you didn’t already know,  I am no health freak and there is nothing I  like better than sitting with pals, a ginormous mound of chips and a selection of dips to hoover up and gorge on whilst drinking chilled wine and speaking nonsense.

I am always happy and obsessive about eating the latest delight so I must report the discovery of some delicious fresh, lip smacking dips from a local Scottish company called Dip Nation.

When the sun came out at the weekend it was the excuse I was looking for so I made the call and with half an hour til the gannets (aka friends) burst in I grabbed 4 tubs of Dip Nation, a massive bag of tortilla chips,  a bottle of prosecco, a rug and some nurofen for Anne who had overdone it the night before then we hit the garden. Hello.

The branding on the dip was what caught my eye but soon enough the taste captured my heart. Yeh yeh a bit over the top you may think…but just wait until you try them. Lordy be still my beating heart.

So a few hours later, I have to confess I am Fatty Arbuckle. I sat and ate and dipped and swigged and ate as the others ate and talked, and played I just ate and slurped. And shouted ‘taste this’ as I tasted more.

City of Edinburgh-20110424-00086 City of Edinburgh-20110424-00087 IMG-20110424-00084 IMG-20110424-00085

Excited enough to take photos as they disappeard in front of my eyes. I thought I should share the joy with you. JOY.

So as my health freakery is postponed for another day, week, year, lifetime I sit happy. Podgy but happy. I gave them a call to say I LOVE YOUR DIPS and they were so chuffed they offered  to send a couple to one of my readers! So how about it?

Tell me where Dip Nation are based and one reader will be getting some delivered to their door for them, their pals, their tartan rug and their delight and delictation.

I will put the name of the lucky Dip Nation recipient on the blog here tomorrow.

Arbuckle x


PS since then I tried the humuus…or humous or whatever you call it. It is FABULOUS. OK calm down.

PPS I am running the Bryan Ferry competition until end of May so don’t forget to enter that too….by clicking HERE


  • Yes 4 tubs of the stuff was 4 of my 5 a day. I have no idea why my bum looks big in ….well everything.

  • Jacqui

    surely they are classed as “semi healthy”… there is defo vegetables in the title 🙂