Armageddon – NOT

End of the world eh?

I think not.

How daft are all these holy willies going to be feeling today. Sheepish. They have shagged their neighbours, spat bile at their hated enemies and shot their pets. Only to wake up this morning and oh yeh…. it’s business as usual.

Morning darling!

‘Don’t darling me you neighbour shagging, pet shooting, enemy spitting pillock.

I am off to the pub.’

  • That’s the Dragons Den idea we should have come up with. Ah well next time the world is gonna end we can charge £200 per pet to take them and £400 to get them back the next day – or they get it.

  • Mittygreenhalgh

    Absolutely agree Alison – what a bunch of complete tossers!

  • “I am off to the pub”….surprise surprise! 

  • “I am off to the pub”  Surprise Surprise! 

  • Jacqui

    best part of it all was …. some atheists (prob spelt wrong) set up a company for the loonies to make sure their pets were looked after when they were gone as they believed their pets wouldnt got to that “special place”… only in america 🙂