Are childless people happier?

Happier? Or just younger?

I used to sleep like a stone.  My job was to present a radio show at mid day. I had to set the alarm for 11am. I took it for granted. Whenever I went to bed, the second my head hit the pillow I was off into the land of nod.
Waking was a joy too. Refreshed by God. Refreshed.
When I found out I was pregnant peoples reactions were fairly typical. Congratulations and ‘for Gods sake sleep as much asy ou can now as you will never sleep again’. How I laughed mistakenly thinking they were joking.
If only.

Courtesy of the giant tum, the constant need to pee, the shock of having a baby, the responsibility of looking after this tiny, helpless creature. Well that was the start of it and now 16 years later. Yes count them out. Sixteen years later. Those 12 hour stints of dreamless refreshing sleep are still just that – a dream.

This woman is only 32 - she has 3 kids. See? Told you.

So I don’t think that childless couples are any happier they are just better rested. Of course they are. The second you bring a child into the world they are there, forever on your mind, in your consciousness and by merely existing they have your unequivocable attention whether or not you want to give it. Tis there’s. The umblical cord is cut but forever attached.

At 1 month, 2 years, 5, 7 , 10, 12, 13, 15, 16 and I daresay forever there are too many thoughts to have. Could I have done better? Of course. Should I have handled that differently? Well probably. Who is he with? What is he doing? Am I a bad evil parent? We should have taught him how to ….fill in the blanks here………my latest conundrum I am blogging about tomorrow – it is a real biggie in our house body building supplements. If you have a teenage boy it may ring bells. I hope it does I could do with some good advice.

Anyway, for now. Are childless people happier? Well that depends on them really. I know plenty of miserable gits with or without kids. I know plenty of happy smiley people with or without kids. Are childless people younger? Yup.