T-Bone! When you ask for a T-Bone in these parts you get one.

Can you believe the size of these beauties? T-Bone steaks from Roddy Butcher – who is not called butcher but is known as butcher – absolute belters. Long suffering husband proferring them before they are put into a secret marinade for 20 minutes. It’s only a secret cos long suffering husbands new restaurant will be serving it soon.  There were 10 of us. 10 of these. As you can see when put together they look a little like we are completing a cow jigsaw. Vache – the rebuild. To be honest I don’s scoff a great deal of steak …but having tasted this meat I am hooked, hung and confirmed meaty forever. You could cut it with a spoon. Even the teenagers amongst us were impressed, and as they are officially never impressed by anything then I think you understand the gravitas of this beefy situation.

The original beast was Shaun MacDonald”s a farmer from Dingwall – I found out Roddy butcher by nature but not by name delivers. Guess what I want for Christmas., birthday, Easter, Mothers Day, Lent, Canada Day?

  • When and where is the new restaurant opening. I love a T bone and the way you described the way they were cooked, with the marinade and all, made my mouth water. Great blog as usual.

  • I will be bumping my gums about it…soon. Hope the sun is shining today in Inverness.

  • Suzlaidlaw

    I must speak to Roddy and Alan and claim some commission! Alan who works with Roddy Butcher is Alan the Butcher, he lives next door to my mum and dad!!! Loving the T bones, where is the new restaurant for our next visit south from Inverness.