Stags, langoustines & 3 confused dogs.

The drama of a wild day in the west was captured as the light disappeared and this beast stood outside our window looking in. Eerie.

We reacted the way most people would. Screamed. grabbed our cameras and took far too many pictures. You can see in the photos the driving rain just battering the beast as it stands majestically gazing in.

We were literally confined inside yesterday so books were read, pool was played, cards, scrabble, a jigsaw – a jigsaw where you don’t get a picture of what it looks like just a clue! It took 8 of us (3 grown women)  almost 24 hours to finish. We broke from time to time but the lure of the puzzle is remarkable. The feeling of achievement when we finished it was huge. Can you imagine how galling it is to confess that? Where has rock and roll girl gone? – God only knows but not only has she disappeared but she has beeen replaced by jigsaw woman – it is in itself a conundrum.  I will ruminate whilst drinking heavily on that.
Meanwhile,what else was there to do but play with the langoustines, alive and kicking. IntroducingFlora, the  half haggis half womble dog, and  nice but dim not quite labrador Sam and gorgeous Spaniel pup Toby to their new friends was quite a laugh as you can see here………..animal rights protestors shoosht – it’s just a bit of fun.

  • Alison

    Yes it is your kitchen floor. We are living a secret Borrowers style life and everytime you turn your back we are there. Look! There we are now.

  • Tlgeorgeson

    Is that my kitchen floor?