Sock it to me baby. Emergency dog vet.

Called the vet. Well we have 2 dogs, a spaniel pup and another 2 visting spaniels so when they all met, there was no fighting as suchjust a lot of argy bargy. Some pontificating, pushing and and supremacy barking. When we all settled at the end of the night I found blood on the carpet. Drops of red intermittently all over the carpet.

Each dog was given a full examination, there was no sign of any injury.Yet it had to come from somewhere. So waiting til morning I called the vet, as I waited for his arrival I glanced down at the shoe I had discarded the night before. Blood in that too?
Penny dropped. Not blood, sock fluff. Wearing red and black fluffy socks, balls of sock all over the carpet = healthy dogs, vets time wasted, stupid jigsaw puzzling middle aged fool – me.

The photo above is to prove there is bugger all wrong with the dogs as you can see above they were rather enjoying a plouter about in the River Carron. Just the human apparently.


  • Liz

    Oh! I must say, that was an unexpected, if pleasant surprise! Thanks

  • Lordy! The jelly fish! The spaniels! Am glad they’re ok what a horror story. A pal of mine in East Lothians labrador got bitten by a jelly fish and just dropped dead – the dog not the person – but so shocking. Those nasty wee jeely beasties. They must be liquidised.

  • Chris

    Hi Alison Enjoying your holiday diary.Hope you are enjoying the good Highland air. Your bit about the dogs reminded me of our holiday in Western Isles. We were up in Isle of Harris last year and my two Springers got stung by jellyfish, (went into panic mode especially as I could not get signal on my moby to get in touch with my vet for a full TEN MINUTES.!!!! ) I was told to keep them warm and calm,quite difficult as car full of children(two) and our boot was chock a full of wet clothing etc.Thankfully they were okay by afternoon x

  • Aye as yon man says ‘enjoy yourself it’s later than you think’

  • Jackstraw

    Sounds like u are having a right old laugh x

  • Chyslop

    Rather bizarrely, I read the title at first glance as “Suck it to me babe”…… Should I be worried?!

    Anyway, too long since a gratuitous pic of a scantily-clad hunk on this blog, so here’s a long-time reader’s contribution:

    Wonder if he does cocktails? “Make mine a piƱa colada, bunnyboy, and don’t dare scrimp on the rum!” LOL