Oooh look is that a barrage balloon – nope just a woman with water retention.

Easter Eggs all painted by Prure to represent each one of us.

Sometimes life gets in the way of blog posts.
That’s where we are.
A gathering of easter egg fanatics imminent and an empty cupboard.
So not a domestic goddess.
So. Not a goddess.
So. Not domestic.
Teenwolf finished for Easter, I have to go collect him, I have no car, I have no food, I am retaining so much water I may get a job for the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow as an event pool.
Why when a woman retains water does she just inflate all day and then BANG! The 3am wake-up call as the body goes OK expel water NOW. QUICK!!!
Awake and pissing like a race horse. The brain wakes up.
After an hour lying awake in bed, might as well get up and eat chocolate, speak to the dogs.
By 7am exhausted, black bags under the eyes and interestingly the shape of a gigantic chocolate egg the cup of tea, coffee, juice & water retention has started again.
The circle of life.
The cycle of a woman.
This is a hormone related event.
Bring me chocolate and lots of it.

A barrage balloon = Me - caught unaware - naked.

Lots of love
The egg x

  • Ha ha ha jus been to your blog Me likey!

  • ha ha ha parp

  • Cam


  • hell yes I hate waking up in the night to pee only to remain awake then

    when you find a cure for this, alert me

    i will kill you, then publish the cure and make millions


    that is all