Kids bullied by tattooed Gran & the truth behind a fat bum.

Give this to the gym and never go. A classic move.

Yesterday I went to the gym for the first time in weeks. It was hell. It was. The first bummer was I couldn’t get the car parked near enough to the door. So I drove away. Then by the time I hit the traffic lights I gave myself a rather loud talking too – much to the amusement of the guy in the car next door. So I about turned and went back.

I looked into  the pool. There was one person in so that was a no no. I am not revealing the horror legs in public even it was a 98 year old woman floating blind with goggles on. No it can’t be done. So I decided on the gym – aka the torture equipment.

The first annoyance was I couldn’t find where to put my headphones in. After clunking around for a while I found the spot. Put them in and what a load of crap was on the telly. That really doesn’t help. 2 channels showing property programs – yawn. One showing Doctors – who wrote that? A 12 year old. Actually that’s insulting to 12 year olds. Eventually I plumped (pun intended) for a cooking show. What a bloody stupid idea that was as I puffed and panted on the horrible wheezy up and down leg machine I stared into the depths of a large metal based saucepan which held about a gallon of melted chocolate. It was eye porn to the foodie. I was literally slavering as I rumbled off the machine and returned  to the changing room. 10 minutes of that shit is enough.

This was not the tattooed gran I saw. But holy shit! What is this about?

Next stop the supermarket where I bought lots of fruit and veg and a massive pack of Kitkats on special offer, crisps – baked so really not that bad – and some new Fox’s chocolate biscuits. as I stood at the check out a lardy old bat covered in tattoos started shouting at the two very young kids in her care. Say about 2 and 3 respectively.

‘WHAT ARE YOU WINGEING ABOOT?’ she squawked as the window of the supermarket threatened to shatter. Vile bullying old trout. So what do you do? I watched as she shouted at these 2 wee souls  whilst shovelling a half hundred weight of chips into her great open cavern of a face. What a bloody nightmare.  By the time I got home – 3 minutes later I had had a Foxes biscuit, a packet of crisps and an apple. Do you call Child Protection? Do you hope it was a one-off? Do you approach Jabba The Hutt and get a panelling? It’s a hard call. Answers on a post card please.

So that’s been my day so far. How’s yours?

  • I know it is a hard call. But the gut instinct was – back off you old bag or else – shame I didn’t say it.

  • Stay

    the problem with trying to step in in situations like this is that the darling wee souls in question will often turn to you and tell you to F*** OFF or accuse you of interfereing or worse no matter their age.
    No excuse for ignoring abusive behaviour although different families have different behavioural standards

  • Alison

    Couldn’t agree more. The other pathetic thing was I looked round to see if anyone else looked horrified and wondered if they would wade in. Once I saw a horror show on a beach on holiday and didn’t do anything. It stays with me to this day.

  • Jacqui

    sooo tempting to say something… i’ve done it in the past and omg some folk i’ve been totally scared with tthe response, so god only knows how the kiddy has felt.. we all have rough days but theres a line thats never crossed with our wee scones – tough love doesn’t need to be scary!

  • Christina

    I am allergic to gyms ….. and hate TFW’s ( Tattooed F***Wits) with a vengeance ! Arthur’s Seat is a good work out , no hateful torture machines and the view is ok too …I can see it from my kitchen window and always think it looks pretty is !!!

  • Thats for your reponse Suzi I will go and hover and see if I can clock her again. You’re right though God knows what she would be like behind closed doors. She scared the bejaysus out of me….

  • Suzlaidlaw

    Alison there is a national child protection line that you can call, being in a supermarket I would think that she would be caught on cctv – or you could give the police or health visitor or social work service a call – unfortunately this happens a lot and its everyones duty to raise a concern. If that woman thought nothing of shouting her head off at the wee ones in such a public place what on earth is happening at home? She may be very stressed or just downright nasty. It maybe that the family need a bit of extra support during a difficult time or it could be a full blown child protection matter. If the woman is as decorated with tattoos as you said then I am sure someone will know her or her family.

  • Suzlaidlaw

    It is everyone’s responsibility to protect children. That is why it is vital that anyone who has a concern about a child’s safety or wellbeing reports that concern.

    The 24-hour Child Protection Line is a gateway service which provides you with a single number to ring for easy access to local child protection services. If you have concerns about a child you should contact the Child Protection Line on 0800 022 3222.

    You can also access the website at