Bi-polar bear.


Ok so what is definition of bi-polar then? Not a bi-sexual white bear obviously.Now calm down I am not making light of it. I have been there got the stained tracksuit, baggy under eye and dragged myself up by the bootstraps to face the light of day once more. But I do wonder when does being a bit pissed off becomes depression and when does depression become bi-polar disorder?

There’s a question. Obviously.

So after a bit of research the general consensus is thus. Bi-polar go from one to the other.

Symptoms include: Periods of

  • Feelings of unhappiness that won’t go away   CHECK
  • Agitation and restlessness    CHECK
  • Loss of confidence    CHECK
  • Feeling useless, inadequate or hopeless CHECK
  • Unable to think positively  CHECK
  • Can’t concentrate or make even simple decisions SORRY WHAT DID YOU SAY OH YEH CHECK
  • Loss of appetite  NOPE
  • Sleeping problems including waking early in the morning  CHECK
  • Avoiding other people CHECK
  • Thoughts of suicide NOPE

Periods of

  • General elation   CHECK
  • Full of energy or ideas; moving quickly from one idea to another  CHECK CHECK CHECK
  • Unable, or don’t want to sleep  CHECK
  • More interested than usual in sex MY HUSBAND WISHES CHECK BUT NOPE
  • Making unrealistic plans – IF THIS INCLUDES RUNNING OFF TO THE SUN  CHECK
  • Overactive, talking quickly  CHECK
  • Irritable with other people who can’t go along with your mood or ideas CHECK
  • Spending money recklessly CHECK


So…I just thought that was being a woman…it seems I have more in common with Catherine Zeta Jones than I thought. Except the geriatric husband, the 3 houses and the rather firm jaw line. So there we are.

Afore I go can I just say head to if you would like more info. I know it’s not a laughing matter.

  • Alison Cairns

    Thanks very much.
    Alison (moany_mum)

  • Thanks for the link Alison. I shall go and pop it into the main blog too.

  • Alison Cairns

    While we can all say we experience some of these symptoms as women, the reality for those affected by this serious condition is life changing. Can I recommend our website for more info and support. Thanks.

  • “being pissed off” = “being a woman” = we are all Catherine Zeta Jones = the rest the world just needs glasses to see that