Applecross, The Highlands of Scotland. Animal magic.

World famous for the Applecross Inn and in a coastal location overlooking the Scottish islands we all howped into the cars and headed off to see Applecross, a  legendary spot from our base in Strathcarron. You do a get a little blase about the mountains here, vast, looming, spectacular numbers but this was stupefying and the urge to stop the car and stare was too much. The photo doesn’t do it justice but it juts up into the sky and is an absolute beezer. This is the highest road in Scotland, single track and a real knicker wetter.

Climb every mountain - or drive if you're like me

 It is like a task out of It’s A Knockout but without the inflatables to break your fall. As we got to the top snaking hack and fore we were in high cloud so our visibility was virtually nil but we got out of the car anyway just to draw breath. As we stood gazing into nothing a lone cyclist appeared, red faced, helmeted by smiling. Insane? yes. Fit? Undoubtedly? Inspiring us to try it? Not on your nelly. Back into the cars we headed down the other side.

Emerging from the cloud things perked up and by the time we stopped in Applecross the sun was shining, the temperature was balmy and it was as if we had arrived in a secret world.

Deer deer John

Parking outside the infamous Applecross Inn we walked along to see Applecross House and it’s walled garden. A 30 minute shuffle on the beach and then along a wooded path where we saw these deer. All standing posing as if they had been imported by the tourist board. Next to them huddled a herd of baby highland coos who took umbridge at the attention the deer were getting and started chasing them. The deer all leapt over a wall and ran off into the hills. As the macho puffing cows smiled in their wake.

Don't mess with the Highland cows.

Legging it from the cows. Well you would.


Applecross House we lay in the grass, the puppy thought he was in nirvana, we all did. We were. Scones, coffee and a lie down in the garden.

Walled garden tea shop.

Tired & emotional

Spring is sprung, the pup is riz.

Yes after a lie down and a sugar rush – we’re off again. Where will we stop? Well find out… to be continued….after a drink.

2 seconds later and he's off!

  • Anonymous

    Was in Applecross last year. Good to see that stunning scenery again. We drove over the scary road in the dark!. Spent a bit of time in the Applecross Inn – had a good sing song.

  • I was up in Applecross last year Alison and its really nice to see that stunning scenery again. I know the Applecross pub quite well and had a good sing song in there. (Drove over the scary road in the dark!)

  • text text

    Think I recognise the floor and units of gaff you were all staying, which you displayed on video with dogs sniffing the prawns.( Can’t spell the other name and not looking it up lol) We visited friends for a couple of nights here when they rented the newly built white house with loads of windows and views and most of all the games shed where we spent many a happy hour playing table tennis and pool! It is fantastic, as is the whole area!!!!

  • martin forbes

    looks like you are enjoying your holiday and views of the highlands alison.
    Hope you are well iam not bad.
    is it 1week or w you have been there