Fancy yourself as a bit of a John Lennon?

Neil Harrison the previous John Lennon

Manufactured bands are one thing, iconic world changing bands another and what about ye old tribute bands? Love them or hate them? I love them.

Firstly because generally their names are highly amusing which mean infers the guys in the band will be a darn good larf and having had the joy of seeing quite a few of them over the years ebcuase theylove their subject and know the material inside and out,  they are damn good.

So the point of this post? Well the Bootleg Beatles are looking for a new John Lennon. Well the world is looking for a new John Lennon so maybe I should phrase that differently. The Bootleg Beatles are looking for someone to be John Lennon in their band. There.

But check him out – the last guy Neil Harrison,  he looks just like yer man John Lennon. So….do you?

To hell with what your pals think if you have always harboured a fantasy of being the geezer on the stage walloping out a great song to an enthusiasitc crowd then go for it. I would.

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