Blood is drawn in a bid to understand the Teenwolf.

Making a bigger statement

Teenwolf is studying (and I use that term as loosely as that tern can be used)  for exams just now. He has committed to doing a certain amount of work per night. (this is proving to be a sheer fantasy). Anyway, last night after a brief sojourn into the studying world he was back in front of Facebook.

After an hour of clenched teeth I tried to broach the subject.

The eyes rolled and he just gave me ‘the look’

I wandered off only to return 20 minutes later.
The table where he had his work was covered in a cloth, he had eaten an apple and rather than move it 2” to the bin which lay directly under the apple on the floor in full view he had just left it there so it could seep it’s appley juices into the cloth and table below.

‘For Gods sake could you not have strained yourself and put it in the bucket?’ I shrieked.

‘Why are you going radge?’ was his retort.

‘WHY AM I GOING RADGE!!I’LL TELL YOU WHY…’but before I could finish

He  got up and stomped off but not before slamming the door so hard Long suffering husband emerged concerned someone had been shot.
Blood pressure high but not able to force the issue I slumped back in front of the telly, seething.

Half an hour later I went through to find 8 bananas, and a few apples strewn over the floor.

Storming upstairs I knocked on the door of the culprit.

‘What?’ Came the charm free reply.

‘Did you throw a bowl of fruit over the floor?’ ill disguised fury hissed through my teeth and his door.


‘Well who did?’

‘I placed it there.’

‘You placed it there?’



‘It’s a statement.’

‘A statement!’


I am going to get a blood sample and send it off to the Dr. for analysis I think he may be an alien.

  • Ah yes two hours of fun – can’t wait.

  • Philalcorn


    Never mind. Tomorrow you’ll be speaking to people who are intent upon your every word. All hoping to have their requests played!


  • You are making me want to give my children up for adoption before they reach the teenage years!