Radio days…every afternoon this week …

line up at Forth FM 100 years ago recognise anyone?

This week as I launch into Bauers network afternoon show from 2-6pm for Gary Marshall who is having a well earned break. So I am in a very good mood indeed – playing music and speaking nonsense what a joy!

If you are in Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee or Ayrshire then tune in to your local station and yes that’s me wittering and playing music….get it on digital or online for top quality sound though you can get it on medium wave too…
It’s aye good to hear from you though so please
Tweet me at Alisonsdiary or drop me an e mail at one of the following…

And I will happily do you a request or 12…..look forward to talking to you later…… after all without you there’s really no point!

  • thanks for the mention today alison.

  • Martin forbes

    looking forward to the show alison

  • Cara

    How about “Bag it Up” by Geri Halliwell? Cheesy pop at its best, and the bunny boy dancers in the video ain't too shabby!

  • The might CC – looovely stuff. Consider it done. Got a digital radio in your kitchen?
    If not get one laddie!

  • Chef Quigs

    how bout”lifes a minestrone” by the mighty 'CC

  • Alison

    Alison! Turn over for goodness sake….I'll do you a request and keep you company all afternoon! auura bset other Alison x

  • Alison Cairns

    Might even turn over from Clyde 1 this week then, you or Robin Galloway hard decision! Also fighting against my colleagues who want Radio 2 (but I'm the boss so I win – can't be doing with English Radio stations!)

  • Martin forbes

    Hi alison.
    i dont normally listen to network radio but i will listen to alison .#of courese northsound was the station i rmeber you from.ialso remember seeing you at adebenhams show in 1988 which i think was broadcadst on northsound.only photo i know in that picture also marc findley ex northsound.i e-maile ddamien mcleod you remember the baldie one he said he was the pcrontroller you strted at nound 1988.
    Dont know if you but nsound 30years old wednesday 27th july.
    Do you rember the jingles you played i do ihave them oj tape for my use.
    coming at you nsradio on 290 and 96.9 stero nsradio all your favourite music nsradio and my fave the hottest you have any old stuff from northsound on your tapes.iwill listen on nsound 2 what about arequest anything by areth afranklyn.
    Martin forbes

  • Steedsy

    obviously that lot [and you] have the perfect looks for radio’……lol