Xmas time…count down to the big day, no shopping just partying!

Club Sandwich!

The plan last minute Christmas shopping. Meeting pal for a quick coffee- the last time I met him for a coffee we went out for 8 hours and he got concussion. So steeling myself to display self-control.

This time…..coffee only at Indigo Yard ordered crumpets and butter. Home made crumpets looked promising but sadly were cold. Coffee great though and nice atmos with lovely attentive and smiley staff so waited til the last second to leave. Him to the dentist and me…off to meet my niece for lunch. Well I have buried my bah humbug til January and am just going for it. Off  we went as close as possible to her place of work – The George Hotel Tempus bar. We sat down and had a glass of festive Prosecco and ordered a club sandwich for me and eggs benedict for her.
Did you ever see the beginning of The Flintstones when Fred orders  dino ribs from the drive through and this vast rib arrives and capsizes the car. Well that was about the size of my club sandwich.! Woah! Chicken, mayo, bacon, tomato, lettuce, great oval hunks of bread – 3 slices and try as I might –and I did I had to leave some. Breaks my Aberdonain heart that but what a find.  My new food pash.

The eggs benedict were lush too at £7.50  and the sandiwch at £8.95 bloomin’ good value.

So there we sat Xmassy and smiling full of food and good cheer.

Put an end to the shopping of course…..

Hey ho who cares

Christmas Spirit is alive and well…back to town tomomrrow really must get the shopping started…..22nd and counting…..gulp


  • Patrick

    Hope you get all your shopping done in time Alison, and have a merry Christmas

  • Cara

    Yay! Christmas is nearly here, although only 3 more days to go. GULP. Like you I've been right behind in my Christmas shopping. Spent so much time deciding what to buy for folk, I forgot to do the buying 🙂 Also been ever-so-slightly distracted by the specimen below


    If my sister's reading this and stumped for a gift for me, just send him in the post with a feather duster. Christmas night frost and Boxing day clear-up solved in one….