Cupcakes for Christmas!

Been very lazy and not very blogtastic.
I think it’s the cold. I have been huddled in a lump eating and intermittently doing stuff I love like….

Presenting Get It On for Bryan Burnett on BBC Radio Scotland Monday – that was a blast. The theme was latino music so turned the heat right up you can listen again here Get It On BBC perfect way to heat you up as it transports you to the hazy heat of summer. It works too, I was in a fabulous mood by the end of the show!

Later in the week was off to Fife to present the Celebrating Fife 2010 which was an excellent night. I sat next to a guy who is having an exhibition at The Arts Club in Edinburgh in January. I will post details it sounds great.

I have one of these. have you?

Ramping up for the girls annual Xmas rampage at The Magnum. Water was gargled, beroccas stuffed in handbags and milk thistle – which allegedly helps the liver under stress – in anticipation of a right day of it. Then I looked at my diary to see I had an appointment to get ye old collapsed lung checked. So sorely I sat and watched as they poured the libations down their glamour throats. Off to the Western where can I say again – the staff are brilliant! God know you hope you don’t have to go to hospital but if you do I’m telling you the NHS works and so well… a huge thanks to them again. Oh and I saw my own Xray – oh my god what is that? I said pointing at this great lump of a thing lurking in my chest. That’s your heart answered the amused Dr.
Ah well at least I have one.

So out today for a celebratory lung lunch for £7.50 at The Mussel Inn – no no joke – brilliant fish chowder, fresh bread, butter a salad and a glass of wine for £7.50 – beat that!

So here comes the creative frenzy of the day baking like a fiend for a school fund raising extravaganza tomorrow…
Meringues, Nigellas chocolate nutty slices, Madeira cake & as you can see here…..cupcake icing…you may laugh I’m used to it.

  • Kimberscooper

    How you make me larff Alison….xxx

  • Derek Forbes1

    merry xmas and happy new year to you when it comes alison.
    Martin forbes

  • Ernieeast

    ur ye gonny stop talking aboot bloody food av put on a stane readin aw yer posts MERRY XMAS huv a nice wan xx