You decide what I play tonight on BBC Radio Scotland – come on creative genius get in touch and Get It On.

Gratuitous photo of Keanu Reeves - well he was in SPEED

Stand by your radios….between 6 – pm tonight on BBC Radio Scotland I am presenting Get It On – tonight’s theme is  Velocity and that means the facebook, text and email is open for you to suggest any tracks from today, yesterday or 40 years ago that are related to velocity

So any suggestions pop them up on the Get It On Facebook page here

Or during the show  direct to Radio Scotland. Call 0500 929500 Text:80295 E-mail

Definition of velocity

velocity, speed, celerity; swiftness; rapidity, eagle speed; expedition (activity)  pernicity; acceleration; haste., spurt, rush, dash, race, steeple chase; smart rate, lively rate, swift rate; rattling rate, spanking rate, strapping rate, smart pace, lively pace, swift pace, rattling pace, spanking pace, straping pace; round pace; flying, flight., lightning, light, electricity, wind; cannon ball, rocket, arrow, dart, hydrargyrum, quicksilver; telegraph, express train; torrent; Mach; ludicrous speed., eagle, antelope, courser, race horse, gazelle, greyhound, hare, doe,

Oh and you can listen live online too –  click the listen live link and we’re off!

See you there!

  • Thanks Louise…..of course I would have been off air 23 seconds after saying it let alone putting it on. Next time…if there is one……

  • The Marchioness


    Re Radio Scotlands 'Get it On' on Thursday night

    Good show, lots of good banter, chit chat and fun – show that reminded me of my real age – not the one I purport!

    Plenty more of that, please

  • trace

    long train running ….

  • Louise

    I see the word “spurt” within the definition, so I beg you to play one of my all time faves: Richard Hell and the Voidoids – Love Comes In Spurts
    you know you have to…

    Louise Donald