Sharon V Danni – Round 1

Well she said it

Sharon Osborne’s mouth is open, flapping and vitriol is and flying out of it at Danni Minogue if you believe the latest newspaper reports.

I was a major fan of Sharon until this latest outpouring of venom. She is a toughie make no mistake but it was hard not to admire the way she had fought to get what she wanted and risen to the top in a mans world. But now? Nope. No matter how it is wrapped up this to me what she is doing now is blatant out and out bullying. Bullying whether at school, in the work place or on national TV is a no no no. End of.

Danni and the gorgeous one - oh and the baby!

As someone who has the ears and eyes of millions of people, as a mother of 3 and a woman of a certain age she should buck up, shut up and stop behaving like a balshy, bitter old slapper.

So her and Danni don’t see eye to eye? Big deal. They are different people on every level but just because she won’t play the game, the way Sharon wants to play it doesn’t make her any less valid as a person.

Watch it Shaz - addicted to

As an aside. Don’t you think Sharon has also made the inevitable mistake of overdoing the surgery? – – this time round she looks more like a Halloween cake face mask than a real live breathing humanoid.

Less is more in so many ways.

Of the two it was aye Sharon I would have done out for a pint with – not now. My snug stool is vacant for Danni and Sharon? She can sling her hook.

  • Tonight is the night to watch the showdown live. And I promise a gratuitous pic of a pert male bottom in my next post. It warms the cockles of my heart or there abouts 🙂

  • cara

    What? No gratuitous pics of pert male bottoms for us to perv over?


    Seriously though, great post! Sharon Osbourne's a right bitch. Have a feeling she may not last too long on X Factor if there is any truth in these stories….

  • Pauline

    Agree La Osbourne seems to have overdone with the old botox and facelift department, but then again so has Danni and she's what, 20 years younger than Sharon?