Labradoodle love

 Am scarificing a night of X factor watching for fun, sun and friends.  Squite nice to have a life. Though I have called teenwolf and insisted he Sky Plus the whole jing bang. So I am off line until tomorrow night when I see it in it’s entireity as the chat online will blow the gaff no doubt about it.

In Loch Carron for a few days, back home tomorrow but today it is glorious hot, sunshine – I mean like 21 degrees hot. Have been to Attadale Gardens, nipped into see a litter of lab puppies at the Invercarron Hotel – didn’t take one but fair enjoyed squirming the chubby puppies around for a while. Then sitting out in the sun eating beef and dumpings with a glass of vino collapso.

The house I’m staying in has more dogs than humans. My ideal ratio.

2 labradors – Sam – my half dog half wit and Shuggy a large waggy boy dog.

2 Jack Russells – Cocoa and Pippa

5 Spaniels – black and white all except 1 which is pure black and silky cute.

Yeh OK dog mad. It’s a fact. But over and above that lot check this wee darling out.

Maisie and Bush - not George this one has a higher IQ

Yup nipping over to see pals in Helensburgh I was boweld over with instant love for their new wee labradoodle Maisie. Maisie Fantasie – you can see why. They don’t cast, they love a cuddle and are as gentle as can be. Swoon. I have secreted several Bonios in my handbag in the hope she slips in accidentally on purpose.


  • Ate Roddie the butchers food all week and have just got back to EDinburgh with a whole white pudding – about 3 foot long. JOY! Can't wait to go back it was about 21 degrees -boiling. On a detox now….well sort of Al x

  • Korbycat

    Loch Carron black pudding is the best, just you talk to Roddie butcher!