Fitflop boots rock – Jack Black models them!

Aye this is one of them

The fit flop boots have arrived.
And despite myself I screeched with excitement as I spotted the parcel when I came in to the house.
What’s that? asked teenwolf
My fit flop boots. I said ripping off the paper to reveal a big red box. At this point another squeal escaped as I flipped the top of the box open and saw them
‘Wow’ I gasped
‘God they are horrible’ said the hormonal cowboy
‘No they’re not’ I said clutching one of them to my heaving chest
‘Yeh Mum they are ‘he said looking at me for ‘an acknowledgment that what he said was the truth.
‘Yeh OK they have a touch of the surgical boot about them’ I conceded ‘but you know what?’
‘No’ he said peering at me from the depths of his fringe
‘I love them’
‘Oh God’
‘I do’
‘Mum you have lost it’
‘No I haven’t. So they may not be the most beautiful things on the planet but I bet they’re…….. comfortable’.


Jack Black modelling Fitflop boot

At this point teenwolf shook his head and retreated.

I would have done the same in his shoes but I’m not in his shoes I am in my fit flop boots and they – unlike me apparently -rock!

  • for each foot?

  • How are the gorgeous legs? Firm, toned and fabulous? I am living in hope.

  • jmcm

    male equivalent is getting a shed……

  • Catherine

    You betcha they're rock n roll. I pounded the streets of Paris in mine and they have hardly been off since. Besides square toes are on trend this winter surely! Catherine x

  • Karendawson

    If only we'd known when we were younger, that comfy shoes and a bra that doesn't dig in would be our idea of bliss. Saddos eh? But I'm still wearing my fit flop sandals and pretending it's summer, which is even sadder.