Radio 1 Moyles is he making a big mistake?

Chris Moyles has split with his 33 year old girlfriend after 7 years of dating saying he not ready to settle down.

And he chucked her? What?

For heaven sake if the guys not ready to settle down he’s not ready to settle down. It takes more bollocks to say no than it does do just go along with the inevitable move and planing towards a marriage. It takes two, that’s the point, and if he’s not at that stage than so be it. Surely it’s better to be upfront now than 6 months after the ceremony turn round and say ‘ oh eh by the way turns out I wasn’t ready after all.’

The other side of it is when they split he was so upset he had to go home and lay low for a week so maybe he is ready just bloody scared. It is scary. Let’s be honest. Standing up in front of all your friends and family and confessing you have found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. It might be prudent at the end of that statement at add ‘the person you want to spend the rest of your life with until you change your mind’.

Having worked in TV and radio for as long as, it is a well known and accepted fact that there are a selection of women who think bedding or at least trying bloody hard to bed a celebrity is their mission in life. Having seen Moyles on a number of occasions and listened to his chat it is glaringly obvious he doesn’t think he is any great shakes when it comes to the physical attraction department. He is insecure and flattery for your average red blooded male works every time so if he is not 100 committed to the relationship then shit happens.

Of course there is always the rather sad situation that he could be a commitment phobe. In which case I would urge him to seek help and fast.

A friend of mine in London was like that, riding high, loved his job, lived with a gorgeous girl a few years younger than him who loved him through the middle despite his myriad of flaws. But when she gave him the ultimatum he said he was ‘not ready’ She was heartbroken but at his behest she moved on.

Within a year she was happily engaged to someone else, and shortly afterwards married. My friend realised what a mistake he had made but by then, it was too late. She had moved on as instructed. He was gutted and spent the next few years deeply regretting his rather shallow and self-obsessed behavior. The repercussions are long term, unrequited love is called unrequited for a reason.

Know thyself Mr Moyles if you spent a week at home licking your wounds when you split – is that because you don’t care?

And ask yourself if the phone rings tomorrow and it’s your best mate to tell you he’s just seen your ex girlfriend with someone else – now what is your stomach doing?

Aye it’s never easy.

  • Absolutely bang on! Ha ha ha!

  • Gaynor

    I think she has had a lucky escape. Nothing against him but who would ever want to get married to someone because they were in a corner with an ultimatum. And why would you want to be married to someone who wasnt sure. Its hard enough being married to someone who you adore and who adores you with the knocks that life hands out.

    However on the subject of exes….there should be a handbook that states that no matter how happy you were to chuck the horror and no matter how wonderful a life you are having….they on the other hand should never quite recover, trying to carry on, possibly meeting pale shadows of you but fatter, spottier and quieter. They should be available over the years for emotional and finacial and decorating/fixing the car support and with their dying breath whisper your name followed by “If only”
    Just a thought hee hee hee hee x