Anthony Gormley’s sculpture – a suspected transvestite

Pissing with rain,  Edinburgh during the festival. Posted up the top 10 one liners this morning – then realised they are in all the papers.  Don’t believe in plagarism so thought I’d better post something else pronto.


Just walked through town.  I am sure you have clocked sculptor Anthony Gormley’s  bronze statues all over town. They are strangely compelling. They are all in his image, naked.  Bit of  a meglo thing to do if you ask me. But you didn’t.  So anyway,  I am happy to report the one in Stockbridge is now wearing a dress. A particularly unattractive floral baggy number – the sort of thing Ma Broon would sport for Sunday lunch or going to the bothy.  Obviously some pissed local has gone into a charity shop – or raided her mothers wardrobe – clambered in to the Water of Leith and clothes him to give us all a laugh. And laugh I did.

I expect the cultural police will be down there in a flash – to remove it and give us all a flash of Anthony’s bits – but hey ho for as long as it’s there it may raise a smile on a rainy day.

Another thing you must go and see if you are dog mad – yup me – is the exhibition at The City Art Centre, newly opened after a million pound refurb the Wegman exhibition is wonderful. He takes photos of his weimaraners. You are handed a family tree so you can see who is who as you wander round going ‘aaaaaaaaah’ a lot. There is VT of them in scenarios he has thought up and also some vt of how he did it. The man is, appropriately, barking and £8 to get in is a bit steep but there are concessions and really if you like dogs you will think it’s worth every penny.  Woof!