Horribly familiar

4am wide awake club.

What is that about?
Light   virtually all night and my head is like a toyshop so I am here. Writing this. The sky is blue, I have seen a jogger, 3 squirrels, a milkman, a drunk. Insomnia is a bummer but at this time of year it doesn’t feel so bad. Sitting gazing out at the bright blue sky, with a dog asleep on each foot. I know in my heart of hearts I must go and live in the sunshine one of these years. In my dreams (when I used to be asleep long enough to have dreams) it would be a warm, wonderful place offering health giving delights, then about 8pm the sun would go down so the light sensitive freaks – of which I am one – can sleep soundly through a midnight dark night.

Nurse Ratchett not the Night Nurse I had in mind

I have worn ear plugs, eye masks, socks, I’ve tried Nytol herbal, Nytol pharmaceutical, and as a last resort Night Nurse but I am such a woos I am too scared to take that 2 nights in a row in case I get addicted. Yeh I know. As a well known swigger of the wine it is the irony that it’s the Night Nurse I am warning myself against.

So, a  pint of Creme De Menthe, a dark cave and total silence sounds like the only answer. Only problem with that ? It’d be so dark and quiet I’d be terrified.

You see this insomnia it turns you into a rambling, baggy faced gargoyle.


Yup a good plastic surgeon that’s what I need off to google one now.

  • karen3005

    That's when l start writing – when l can't sleep – best time to get peace & quiet and time to think ……….

  • I have yes but the latest thing is the bird – lovely to hear during the day but at 4am I could shoot them.
    Clearly just going a bit maaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!

  • Jane

    Have you tried black out blinds or curtains Alison?