Bring on the Fit Flops in a bid to say goodbye to a droopy bottom.

John Lewis selling 4000 pairs of Fit Flops a week. They are bloody expensive for Flip Flops but then of course your average plastic flat foot covering doesn’t claim to hone and tone the body so your bum would give Jennifer Lopez’s a run for it’s money. Though the thought of your bum giving anything a run is not something I want to dwell on, so let’s move on – whilst toning of course.

Googling mad I quote from a woman who posted this convincing endorsement.

Multiple ortho surgeries…spine, knees, ankle….have left a legacy of chronic pain. I wear both MBTs and Fit Flops, both of which offer my degrees of relief. The MBTs help to realign my joints helping me to stand up straighter. The Fit Flops are not so structured, however, the softer cushioning on the bed along with the contoured sole give good relief when plantar fascitis rears. Neither fit my ideal of a lovely shoe aesthetically, but I’ll take less pain any day.– jmarie, Reading, UK, 02/6/2010 13:46 Read more:

Now this time last week I had never heard of plantar fascitis but now my Mum has it. It’s damn sore and so I am off to get a pair of  Fit Flops for  her tomorrow. I shall report back. Fingers  as opposed to toes crossed.

  • Thanks for your feedback I will read them now.

  • shoegalfi

    Hi Alison
    Thanks for visiting my blog but the commenter below, SuspiciousCat, is not me. They are an imposter using my blog URL.
    FitFlops are great for toning and very comfy to wear. There are several reviews on them on my blog.

  • They are very comfy if you spend all day on your feet, but that's it.

  • Are they really totally useless? I was going to off to buy a pair to firm up the wobbly bits?

  • It's true that the cushioned footbed doesn't provide relief from aches and pains, but as the toning effects, FitFlops don't do a thing.