£6m a year for that huffy faced goon.

And the same to you - you charmer!

Rough as a butchers stumpy finger. Communal gardens had a party yesterday and the place was jumping. From babies to a lovely lady in her 90’s the atmosphere was great. Sausages were barbequed, as a small battery operated radio blasted out the England V Germany match. Incredulity as England were walloped by Germany. Poor things. That  Cappello will have to go – or someone will strangle him. Sour faced character needs a good tickling if you ask me. In fact he should have been at the commnal garden party that would have cheered up his puss.

£6m a year.  £16, 438 a day!  £684.91 an hour.

It’s obscene. The world is in recession. Redundancy is rife. Cut backs are affecting every last one of us and there sits that sour faced grumpy looking bugger. Really.  You’d think the fact that even whilst he is sleeping he is making more money than some folk make in a year would cheer him up.  But no. And now he is saying he won’t resign. Brass necked and huffy faced he should get off his designer spectacled high horse and get a reality alert with accompanying black eye if I get my hands on him.

  • Bob_6430_88

    Absolutely! I can remember working in a bar during 1966 and England were unsufferable then. Rather ironic that Geoff Hurst's famous goal that never was should be repeated against England 44years later – and this time technology has moved on a bit to prove this time that the goal should have stood. England got what they deserve – a bunch of overpaid untalented guys who were too tired to perform for 90 minutes managed by an overpaid foreigner who can barely speak english. Time to get back to basics and bring up a new generation of footballers – and employ an englishman at a sensible salary to manage them. Is that too much to ask?
    Of course I am biased – I support a Scotland team and couldn't really care less if England are pathetic – we might beat them next time.