Bugger the gym

Cancelled my gym membership today.

Yup – the party is over.  I joined intending to swim every day in September last year. Since then I have swum maybe 4 times. Ridiculous and yet typical. I have been a member of so many damn gymns over the years it makes me feel ill when I consider the money squandered.

Still now I have taken to pounding the streets I intend to keep the money I used to spend on gyms in a savings account to pay for my new knees, hips and zimmer.


  • elisabethc

    Hi Alison,

    Sorry to hear you have cancelled your gym membership, though I suppose it makes sense considering you never go! I on the other hand have had been a gym member for nearly five years and seem to lack firstly the willpower to go; and secondly the willpower to give up my membership.

    The first is probably down to my fondness for Waitrose's scrumptious carrot cake and also my bloomin' laziness.

    The second is probably due to the main benefit of the odd gym visit – the socially acceptable opportunity at unrestrained and uninhibited ogling of nubile, fit young men LOL
    A couple of young Adonises in particular have caught my eye, one who has the rather agreeable habit of using the treadmill in front of me while wearing the tightest skimpiest shorts I have ever seen…. NICE!

    Sorry, need to cool down!

    all the best

    Well I say “member”