Death on The Shagpile by Agatha Crusty.

Death by chocolate. May prove factual and not just the name of a pudding. Not for me, though I have packed it in, but for the concussed dog Flora. Half dog half womble aka Flora has been left out of recent adventures due to the fact she knocked herself out on the side of the bed the other night. Instead of jumping up onto it she misjudged the height cannoning into the metal side bit instead. Since then her hair has been on end, her eyes have been staring ahead but she has been registering nothing. In many ways it’s like looking in a mirror. As the rest of us run around, in and out, up and down Flo has been sitting, listing to the left disengaged with her surroundings. You can see below she’s not looking the full shilling.

The lights are on and nobodys even popped in frankly.

Under normal circumstances she would flip that hat off her head and savage it instantly. It’s as if her glaikit looking pal, the labrador cross in the luminous green hat,  has decided to imitate her empty headed expression. Here they sit ready to be driven home. On arrival they slumped into their beds asleep – or so I thought. Not an hour later I discovered Flora had snorkled into my handbag and emptied it of it’s last wadge of chocolate, a Smarties easter egg. So now the glazed expression could be concussion, a sugar high, an insulin overdose or poison by chocolate.  The Jurys out. We await the outcome. Will it be Death on the shag pile by Agatha Crusty or   Flora & The Chocolate Factory by Roald’ Over and wagged her tail watch this space.