Ben & Jerry make your dreams come true – free ice cream! Slurptastic!

Ben & Jerrys are giving away free ice cream – NO JOKE- this Tuesday from 1-5pm at all their UK outlets to celebrate  Free (Fair) Cone Day organised to mark their commitment to doing all their business Fairtrade by the end of the year.

How we love these guys! MWAH!

Expect a flurry of skiving on Tuesday afternoon as the ice cream addicts amongst us lurch for the closest Ben & Jerrys for the ultimate face stuffing experience. There is no limit as to how many times you can queue up and get the goodies. I  must control myself. I must control myself  –  Oh what the hell. See you there?

  • Catrina

    HEHE, it's mine,i all mine Sarah……………………BUT YOU ARE WELCOME TO MY PUFFED RICE CAKES, NO ADDED SUGAR.

  • Sarah

    Send it over I'll have the lot!

  • Catrina

    Considering I have a stock pile of Ben and Jerrys in my freezer and haven't thought about it for weeks,thankyou Alison Craig for that little reminder which has now ended up on my hips.

  • Bring it on!