Naked, vibrating men on national telly & they’re serious.

Serious men clutching vibrating thrusty things whilst talking on national TV?  How could they keep a straight face? If you’re over 25 this may give you the vapours. Smelling salts at the ready.

For the upper body? Ahem.  I think not.

FItness from the olden days - the 70's!

All those eons ago it was the Bullworker was on every teenage boys Xmas list along with chopper bikes, clackers, roller skates and Bazooka Joes. Ah yes those were the days my friend I thought they’d never end, as Mary Hopkins used to sing annoyingly.

I recall many boys at school confessing to having  secreted a bullworker with telephone directory instruction manual under their bed and being deeply disappointed their biceps were still like conkers after months of wheezing away following the bible of bullworking. I think the art of bullshitting would have stood them in better stead. Ach well onwards and upwards if not outwards!