Tips of the make-up trade.

A little green round the gills I'm sure you'll agree

I love a transformation, a before and after, and even at this late stage there is a glimmer of hope that  that with the application of some fabulous make-up, lotions and potions I can be transformed from bag head to wrinkle free supermodel. Well not quite but I live in hope that at least something can be done cos I’m not jabbing botox in my face.

So today I am off to talk to a professional make-up artist, who has done the faces of loads of stars.
She is going to talk us through the latest fads, must  haves and creams that she reckons really work.

So stand by your make-up bag – tomororw here live footage of all her stuff….laid out in a TV studio …showing us round…telling us some trade secrets,  YES ! The elixir of youth could be yours and mine oh and that girl over there too.

Transformation from green going well here Shrek. Gives me hope.

Yum! I can’t wait and neither can my facial droopy bits

Al x

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  • kazzylady

    I'm an Argyll lass living in Nottingham which is why they like hearing words like girders
    They've raided my cupboards, blankets, woolly simits & bunnets packed in van.

    I love those eyelash tweezers, I wrestle with false eyelashes, poke myself in the eye and end up with one wonkie lash and the other bungeeing off onto my cheek during the evening

  • Curly Wulery Worms & Girders! All the locals in Perth will be rushing you to heat themselves on yer toasty tootsies. It's like Siberia up there! Watch yersel'

  • kazzylady

    My tootsies are fab and getting pampered this weekend, the rest of the team are heading to Perth today for a firewalk with the RNLI, next week we're back up in Glasgow and Edinburgh. The team have developed a taste for tattie scones, square slice and persuading me to say curly wurly worms & girders

  • You are Iron Woman! I'm impressed and concerned about your feet obviously!

  • kazzylady

    lol, no I havent been on crimewatch…yet. It was the Alan Titchmarsh Show we did a firewalk in the studios

  • Which program were you on ? Not Crimewatch I hope.

  • Make mine a treble!

  • shellygilmour

    hi Al am sorry to hear you wont be doing your column no more, its the first part of the sunday papers i read 🙁 boo hoo so now i'll have to keep up with you in cyb space.

    my beuty regime is wash and dry lol bit moisturiser, eye liner and mascara

  • makemineadouble

    Can't wait!!!

  • kazzylady

    I was on a TV programme recently I was most excited about having my makeup done! They airbrushed my foundation – bloody brilliant, it covers a multitude of sins, blemishes and a wee black eye I had from when I head butted a wheelbarrow – not intentionally!! Everyone should have a makeup artist at hand at all times to transform ancient bag lady to glamourous diva queen

  • Margaret fae Irvine

    i need to keep typing in my email addy n details help!

  • Margaret fae Irvine

    The elixir of youth!! oh my gosh! yes please mwah x
    if you ever wanna guinea pig to test & practise on im right here Alison gies a shout, a wee Ayrshire has been & wants to be again… I will return lol