Cheryl & Ashley Cole

Aye so allegedly he has been at it again. 

Let’s hope she dumps the rotter once and for all but only after telling the world he is hung like a pencil.

Smiling at the thought of getting rid of the dreaded Ashley
Smiling at the thought of getting rid of the dreaded Ashley....

And what about the slappers who go out of their way to find him, bed him and sell their stories. Hardly part of the sisterhood are they?

One of the multitude is quoted today in the paper as saying she was ‘seduced during a vodka frenzy’    Seduced?  Soft music, dimmed lights, whispering sweet nothings..during a vodka frenzy? Very Cary Grant I’m sure.

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  • Lenny

    So, d'ya think that this might be a lesson to other women that, perhaps, there are more important aspects to a potential mate than the size of his (wage) packet and his , er, 'ability to score'? Those of us mere mortal males without can only live in hope!

  • Does it? I wouldn’t know myself. Never touch a drop. 😉

  • Susan

    Seduced after a vodka frenzy! Obvioulsy she’s not from Scotland, here a vodka frenzy means paraletic lol

  • Carol

    Ha Ha…Hung Like a Pencil…I like that! Need to remember that one if ever anyone looking for a good put down!!!!